Tuesday, 28 July 2015

3 Stages of Obtaining Employer Sponsored Migration Visas for Australia

Employer Sponsored migration Australia

Employer Sponsored Migration visa is for a situation when an employer in Australia wants to sponsor a person from another country to work for them in Australia on a temporary basis for a period of up to four years. This type of Australian Immigration Visa is helpful for a business when they are not able to find an Australian citizen to perform the required work.

The basic necessities for eligibility are that the person coming to work in Australia has a qualification and work experience in the selected occupation.

The process of obtaining Employer Sponsored Migration Visa requires three stages which are below:

    1) Sponsorship Visa Applications.
    2) Selected Position applications.
    3) Visa Applications.

1) Sponsorship Visa Applications- This stage requires that the employer establishes that the company satisfies certain requirements as under:
  • The employer is legally working in Australia.
  • The employer has a stable business record and stands by immigration laws.
2) Selected Position Applications- in this stage of obtaining the visa requires that the employer assure the following fulfillments, such as given under:
  • The business is a permitted Employer Sponsor.
  • The selected position is on the related government list.
  • Necessary skills and experience are in according with the selected position.
3) Visa Applications- This stage requires the visa applicant to satisfy the following requirements:
Current approved sponsorship of the employer.
  • Present approved selected position by the employer for the visa applicant.
  • Qualifications and work experience suited for the selected position.
  • Satisfied English language requirement.
  • Medical information and reports.
  • Good character certification.
  • Health insurance.
Hope the above stages would be helpful to you to understand the whole process of obtaining an employer-sponsored visa. To find out the Important Things to Look out for When Migrating to Australia go with us at http://www.ascmigrationvisas.co.uk.

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