Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Types of Visas for Australia – Different Options and Solutions

Would you like to start a new life in another country? Have you ever thought of Migrating to Australia? If you have, then you definitely need to know more about the best way to obtain a visa to enter in Australia. There are different types of Visas for Australia. Each visa has its own specific set of rights granted to an individual upon entry into the country.

Below we are giving a general explanation of different types of visa need to migrate to Australia:-

1. Student Visa
2. Skilled Migration Visa
3. Employer Sponsored Migration Visa
4. Family Visa
5. Australian Working Holiday Visa

1. Student Visa - The Australian student visa. This is a visa granted to individuals that allow entry into the country for at least three months provided that the individual has been enrolled in an accredited educational institution in Australia.

2. Skilled Migration Visa - One of the most common types of visa is general skilled migration visa. In this visa program, you must have to prove your work experience and educational qualifications, English speaking ability and collect these all characteristics of a point system in order to be eligible for migration under skilled visa program. If your skill is required at that time in the Australian Economy, you will be score eligibility criteria for the skilled migration visa. Skilled migration visa is difficult to achieve unless you have exactly the right qualifications and career which is currently in demand.

3. Employer Sponsored Migration Visa - The third most common visa is an Employer Sponsored Migration Australia Visa. This type of visa is available for those people who are coming to Australia to take up a full-time job which they have already been offered and the employer sponsors their application to be on this program.

4. Family Visa - Another common visa is that family visa. These kinds of visas are only appropriate for if you have an existing family member in Australia. It is usually for actual family members like a parent, partner, child, brother or sister.

5. Australian Working Holiday Visa - The Australian Working Holiday Visa. This kind of visa is arranged for those people ages between 18 and 31. The visa has 12 months period and allows an individual to remain in the country for at most of the six months at a time.

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